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Mother and baby - Obstetric care in Gilbert, Arizona
Pregnancy and childbirth is a wonderful experience... and a time of tremendous change. The process can be exciting and rewarding, but to ensure a smooth pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby, it's essential to choose the right obstetrician.
We have delivered thousands of healthy children to thousands of healthy mothers and we're prepared for even the most difficult delivery. We can help you through normal and high-risk pregnancies, pain management during delivery, natural childbirth, multiple births, Cesarean section, vaginal birth after Cesarean and more.
Dr. Linda Sodoma offers the skills and experience you expect from a board-certified obstetrics specialist. Our doctors work closely with the parents to create an individualized birth plan and does their best to adhere to it with the ultimate goals being both a healthy baby and happy parents. Prior to your delivery, our prenatal care and ultrasound services ensure your baby's good health in the womb. And afterward, as your body recovers, our postnatal services include monitoring both your physical and your emotional health.


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You & Your Child Matter to Us

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